I own my own pressure cookers!

Well, it seems that during the Thanksgiving holiday,  everyone in my immediate family headed off to dine with  distant relatives, and I became the “lost child” in the shuffle. Well, no worries for this old bachelor, I own 3 pressure cookers now!

I’m a firm believer and user of pressure cookers. And every time I get into a divorce (I’ve had 3 1/2) the ex-of-the-moment manages to make off with my pressure cooker. So, hopefully there are some grateful jerks out there getting a good meal from the woman I taught how to pressure cook.

So, not being one to hang around and mope. I headed off to the local Food Lion and purchased two turkeys, one 22 pounder for stuffing and roasting, and the second 10 pound one for pressure cooking all the way down to meat and broth goodness.  I also bought  cornbread ready-mix, 4 bags of cranberries, two naval oranges and a stalk of celery.

My old faithful Oster Kitchen Center and I went to work. My buddy Pete had given me a professional grade Chef’s slicing/chopping knife for Xmas a few years back, and I sharpened it up with my Grandmother’s old deer horn handled steel, then got down to some serious slicing and dicing.  I made four pans of stuffing, after pressure cooking all of the innards of both birds, running the gizzards, hearts and livers through the course blade of the Kitchen Center’s meat grinder attachment,and added it all  into the stuffing. Onions and celerey were cooked in several sticks of BUTTER, with all of the seasoning added, then tossed into the cornbread, along with cups of turkey broth from the pressure cooker.

I reserved some stuffing for the bird, and started cooking it all in the oven around midnight. The cranberries and oranges were run through the meat chopper wit a course blade, then cooked in a large saucepan, with several cups of sugar tossed in. Then I went to bed around 1AM …hungry.

Next morning, I removed the bird from the oven to rest on a platter, scrapped the pan of all the good brown bits, poured off the extra grease and added flour to the remaining grease and bits to make my roux (you cannot cook a proper roux slow enough!).  Then I added the left over broth and added hand-stripped meat from the small pressure cooked turkey to make it really thick. Fork eating thick. I was eating my Thanksgiving Day meal early, in time for the parades. And again later, as seconds, in time for football. Later, I froze the left overs and I have enough to last until Christmas, in zip lock bags!

I learned one thing in stir, if there is no one around you that loves you, then it’s perfectly to love yourself!  L8r, Ric

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